Tuesday, July 19, 2016

That girl I met ..

It’s the first time I met her
Only one thing passed my mind
How would it be ..
If this girl was mine

Gradually as time passed, I realized
She’s the girl I always wanted

Her beauty is evident
Her nature so cheerful
She's bubbly, she's smart
But the best thing about her ..
is her beautiful heart :)

Her smile’s so stunning,
I’m happy she’s found ..
In the depth of her eyes, I wanna be drowned ..

She’s a kid at heart, her innocence is her charm
On the coldest of days, she can keep me warm

She has no hassles, she understands me so well
I know she will always be there with me
Through sweet times or through deep hell

She’s my angel
I have no words to describe her charm
I feel I have got the world in my palm
When I have her arm in my arm ..