Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Brass Ring eludes you ..

Tonight you walk
.. through endless nights

In this tunnel of darkness
Not knowing where to go
Undecided about your fate
Feeling all low ..

As you walk through the path of doom
Some distance ahead
In front of you
A ray of light, a ray of hope..

The brass ring that has always been there
You just needed to grab it

The time is now , Now or never ..
Stretch out your hands, reach for it
Don't let it slip ..

It's all yours, you were always unaware
Just extend your hand, don't lose it, Beware!


  1. Nice....
    even i have lots of poem to share.
    ohhh this is again in rhyme with your last line ..don't you just stare.


  2. Dude .. I need to follow u on blogspot .. But I'm new , Give me ya address ..